Past, Present, and Future Technology: Interview Ideas Juan Guzman

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Image taken from Max Pixel  (Photographer not named) CC0 License Public Domain

1.) In Chapter 6 Robot Construction from the book ‘Soonish’ I read about The topic of Robot Construction and its improvements from the influence of technological advancements. The direct connection to the StoryCorps project is significant in that they both are inferring past and present events that can affect the future. In this chapter, the author explains the effects that past architecture concepts that have impacted the world. Specifically targeting one HUGE factor that can limit the outcome of a structure: Time. In the past we have seen various attempts at condensing the time it took to build a structure. Thomas Edison’s concept of configurable molds was overlooked in 1917, then came Ernst Neufert concept to put the whole process on train tracks in 1943 came to no avail and numerous after that I assume. Although those ideas at the time didn’t catch on, many  years later sparked a conversation that lead to a new era of computerization and architecture. In the process is much more difficult as you look more deeper into the issue because of how many factors, just as a detailed story can be. We really don’t know what experiences that comes from within someone until they are revealed just like new concepts for robotics aren’t just randomly perfected.

2.)  At this time I don’t know exactly who I plan to interview, but I have a technology in mind. Throughout history, we seen so much advancement in music and in what ways they are projected. An idea for my technology, is the creation of music applications on mobile devices. The idea that now hundreds of songs and media can be stored on one single device in the 21st century was a huge step in media tech and seemingly improving its convenience. It would be interesting to know, the thoughts and experiences from someone who isn’t well aware of music applications but could have interesting memories on how music was played/stored or certain instances of music projection within innovations in their own generation. The concept of music and media technologies in general can vary and the correlation in the evolution of it can be possibly be closely linked in some ways through different generations.

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