Comics: Zachary Larson

The short story I came up with for this project fits into McCloud’s definition of what makes up a comic. At the most basic level, my story follows a character through a sequence of frames to illustrate a timeline of events that occur. The main protagonist Steve is content living in a space that he’s knows and claims as his own. He spots another person entering his bubble of space and becomes irritated at the fact that they would wander into his area so aimlessly. After confronting his intruder, she rebuttals to Steve in a mirrored reaction. Steve realizes he is not entitled to that specific space at all. In fact, he realizes she must feel the same way he does and the two bond over their shared ideals. I utilized the concept of expressing emotion through the use of facial expressions in my comic. I want the reader to understand the frustration Steve was experiencing and how his thoughts changed through the sequence of frames.

Designed by Zachary Larson, October 2018

I believe my comic would be enjoyed on both mediums of print and digital. However, the way my story is designed and the style I used would be most effective on a digital platform. The pictures would come out crisp and the colors would appear more vibrant. I hope the reader will look through my comic and understand the process of emotion throughout. I am trying to portray the message that even if you might be feeling alone or moreover prefer to be alone, there are others out there feeling the same way. Everyone enjoys their own space and time to themselves but that is no way to spend the duration of your life. In my story, Steve had to get over himself and realize his new colleague shared a similar thought process to himself and that is what brought them together.

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