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Una Adventura en Espacio is by all definitions, a comic. When it came to thinking of an idea I wanted to put on paper, I kept returning to Scott McCloud’s, Understanding Comics. The quote that I continued looking back at when creating this piece was,

Una ciencia-ficción clasíca.

“Juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence,” (McCloud 9). Formulating ideas was hard. I had to think about how my images would create a narrative that the reader could easily access and understand. Now, science-fiction is one of my favorite genres, and I wanted to create a single page comic strip that implemented all the elements that make science-fiction great. Scott McCloud talks a lot about Icons. One of the most common elements of Sci-fi is aliens. An icon that represents alien’s is often times a simple spaceship. While modern technology hasn’t allowed for inter-planetary travel, an alien race could be more advanced, allowing them to travel amongst the stars. The basic spaceship shape I used represents aliens and shows how this piece is a work of science-fiction.


As an English Major and Spanish Minor, I love looking at how words act as symbols, and what language means to an audience. I wanted to use short sentences, and not many ‘big’ words. I found the happy medium to be showing dialogue in a different language. The Spanish used in this piece is very basic, low level Spanish, but to an english reader, it becomes interesting and more complex. This Spanish language children’s comic found the happy medium between too basic, and too complex. This Comic is meant to be viewed in print format, and hopefully by children and young adults. I think because it is a quick easy read, the best format is on physical paper. I hope all my readers view this as a light comedic take on children’s science-fiction.


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