Formstorming & Modularity: Matt Behnen

I chose this design because to me it looks like what a blueprint would look like with the blue background and the white, chalk like, lines creating the design. Also the use of three dimensions and words not only going left to right, but forward and back and up and down makes it interesting to look at and keeps the eye moving around the image. This design also spoke to me because it was about an event that was in Seattle and that is where I am from. In this design you can see how Marian Bantjes used formstorming to go beyond what someone would normally create for an event. Bantjes used formstorming to help create a more in-depth image that is beyond the normal 2D image that is created for events. This image took a long time to create and could of started on a piece of paper before going to the computer to create the final image. In this design you can see how there are many layers and dimensions to the design. The way Marian Bantjes created this also has the feeling of modularity in the sense that the design looks like pieces of a puzzle that are put together to create a bigger design. Each word is designed as a block and that block is added to the overall design that creates this mysterious structure. This creates individual modules that each have a story on why they are on the image.

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