Formstorming and Modularity – Peyton Taffe

I chose to look at  Marian Bantjes’s Mountain Spectrum. This piece first caught my eye because, like most of her other works, had a lot of randomness and wonder. At first glance the piece reminded me of a kaleidoscope, because of the many pictures she used and the arrangement of them. Bantjes was hired to do a project for project for Destination BC, to make a piece on the Yoho National Park.

Mountain Spectrum by Marian Bantjes

For the project she took around 1000 images and compiled them for the tourism company. The pictures feature images from lakes, forests, and mountains she saw on the trip. Bantjes arranges the pictures in the same shape that fits together in the same way a pattern would. She used modularity to arrange the pictures in a random order of modules, that when looked at all together, looks like it fits perfectly. The piece is titled “Mountain Spectrum” and I think that that name fits it perfectly. The image shows a spectrum of natural landscapes that capture the vibe and energy of the area well. This piece is different in her other works in that it doesn’t feature any typography. This decision was probably made as the collage was used as a pattern. She uses formthinking by going outside of her normal typography box. I havent seen another artist use images to make a whole pattern that would fit perfectly with a logo over it or as a background to the website. The pieces are also arranged like a puzzle. The sky at the top of the piece flows together beautifully although its all from different images. Although she dictated from her usual style, I think she was very successful in what she set out to do.

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