Print Versus Digital: Leah Henry

McCloud discussing the definition of comics. Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics, 1994, pg. 8-9

In the first chapter of “Understanding Comics” Scott McCloud demonstrates how difficult it is to define “comics” and tries to explain each component that should be included. In addition, he mentions that “our attempts to define comics are an on-going process that won’t end any time soon” (McCloud, 23), and that new generations will undoubtedly reject what we currently accept as the definition. McCloud says that there will always be things that we do not understand about comics, but he encourages his audience to continue the debate over it.

Before reading this book, I had never really thought about what goes into creating a comic. I learned a lot about comics overall and enjoyed the fact that this book about comics was a one itself. When I was younger I read a lot of Archie Comics, so I am familiar with what is like to read printed copies of comics. The difference between reading a printed comic and a digital copy put online is quite significant. When reading a printed copy, viewing two pages that are next to each other or physically turning a page may be essential in understanding the storyline. Then with digital comics, like Eroyn Franklin’s web comics, the experience is different in the sense that readers are scrolling down a screen instead of turning the page of a book. Also, digital comics can be more interactive with certain elements that printed copies cannot possess.

If I were to create a comic of my own, I would like for it to be somewhat “out of the box” and unique in the way that the drawings are presented. I think I would want it to be printed as a book, but the idea of having a digital version sounds interesting as well. I like the way that digital comics are usually more interactive for their audience and seem to have more possibilities than a printed copy. In whole, I learned a lot from reading Scott McCloud’s book and I now have a much better understanding of comics in general.

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