Print Verse Digital: Aidan Aumell

After reading Scott Cloud’s book I honestly feel like I took away a lot of positives from reading the book. I would describe my reading experience as funky, I felt like my eyes were always moving through different places in the page trying to follow along with what Scott McCloud. I feel like even though each page or group of pages were describing one certain topic, he always rapidly would change to another topic after finishing one. This in my experience made it harder to comprehend all the information he was talking about. Also, as I read this book my eyes moved very fast from one text box to the other. I feel like this is how he designed the book to be read because he wanted to bring off the vibe that someone is speaking to you FROM the comics itself. Other comic books I read in class didn’t really offer this type of comic book narration, it was more like flipping through a picture book.

When I read McCloud Web comics I started noticing that he incorporated real life imagery into his cartoon comics. Almost merging two types of worlds into one. This is a result of using digital technology. As I read his Web Comics, I was almost reading it like a picture book too, contrast from the “Understanding comics” book, I was concentrating more on the imagery then the words. My eyes still moved fast throughout all the text boxes, but my attention focus more on what was happening in the pictures that he created. This could be because this content was shorter, but the imagery was drastically different and more detailed. Real life symbols and items were seen in the comics that I read, showing that he knew how to create Digital comics as well as print. These two types of creation have the same effect on the eyes in the sense that our eyes move freely move in chronologically order from what is being said.But in some cases, Digital technology can grab are attention more then doodles, because of how they show us certain things that come FROM real life, and look like real life…..


Scott webcomics Merging the hand written comic world with the digital. (Scott McCloud, ScottMcCloudWebcomics , 2003)

If I was going to write or draw a comic I would envision people reading the comics very fast. I would create a comic that would be pleasing to look at as well as read. That is how I read most of the comic books last week and I feel like as humans we are naturally read in chronological order, always looking for what is coming next. And if you can literally see what is coming next on the same page then all comics must be very appealing to the eye. Which all connect back “Understanding comics” we look at imagery and have different reactions to what we see based off our past experience.

IMG_4463 (1)

Scott describing how Symbols represent a bigger meaning
(Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics, HaperCollinsPublishers,1994, pgs 128)


About aidanaumell

My name is Aidan Aumell and I am from Sammamish Washington.I have a brother who is 21 and goes to Western. In my free time I like to play soccer, Watch TV, hangout with friends, or go to raves. My mom went to WSU and that one of the reasons I came to school here.
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