Color Interaction: Julia Midkiff


The high contrast between the red and green creates a clear diagonal yet also floral sort of design. Found at:

In this pattern, we see a complex floral-like design that utilizes various values of green, red, yellow, which are the main hues, and an off-white color. There is an analogous color interaction between the red and yellow, as they are near each other on the color wheel, which creates high contrast between the green. Also, as red and green are complementary colors, there is further enhancement of the red against the green. Although most of the colors are very bright and highly saturated, the bright colors are placed next to a different or darker color so that all o the lines and shapes in the design are clearly visible. In other words, if the light green clover shape was not surrounded by dark green, it would probably be very hard to see. This use of differing value in the colors also applies to the use of yellow and off-white to enhance the red shapes. The brightness of the light green and the heavy use of red creates  warmer temperature in the pattern, even though green tends to be associated with cool colors. If a touch of blue or purple was added into the green part of the design, it would likely have a lower temperature to contrast the high temperature of the red and yellow.



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