Digital Collage: Melissa Urueta

This is a collage made up of images of nature put together for a DTC 201 collage project.  Collage created by Melissa Urueta September 2018


My collage all comes from images of nature. They are all bout different beautiful pieces of nature that can all happen in real life. The wave, the pink moon, and the snow in the background are all things that can happen in real life. In terms of what design principles and elements I wanted to used contrast in my collage. The contrast between the water and the mountains with the snow storm behind it. I also wanted to contrast the setting sun with a pink moon. I chose a pink moon to add more contrast to the collage and the pink color to balance the colors in the sunset and the colors of the water. I wanted the moon to not only mimic the sun, but also to stand in the middle to have the reader’s eyes follow the wave and crash on the moon and then focus on the contrast of the snow background with the warm beach environment. All together the image is in the shaper of an ellipsis with the moon being in the center. My goal was for it to resemble an eye with snow in the middle. My hope was that the viewers would see my collage and understand my personal interpretation. The eye symbolizes my eye. I come from southern California and I grew up on the beach, but I had always wanted to experience the snow. The collage symbolizes my eye looking from a sunny beach place into a snowy place, somewhere I had always wanted to be, this is why I ended up at Washington State University. My collage consists of all real elements of nature because they were all a reality for me.

In order to create this piece I used adobe photoshop and I used quite a bit of tools that the program offers. First I used the transform tools a lot in order to get my images to the size that I wanted it to be while also keeping in proportional. I also used the eraser tool, although this may be seen as risky I used it in moderation and while being carefully zoomed in in order to get the shape that I wanted the image to be (constantly saving as I went). I also used the contrast and saturation levers and changed the opacity on a few of my images in order to blend them in as much as I wanted. This helped me create a more balanced collage. This collage in particular needed to be made digitally because I wanted to use all of these real elements of nature than you cannot capture this kind of imagery without using actual picture of it. This is because nature and my longing for something different were my key influencers when creating this collage.


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