Digital Collage: Emily Burns

This photo collage is created through 5 different images of eyes which I manipulated through Photoshop to make it look like a kaleidoscope.

For my collage, I wanted to make something that looked like a kaleidoscope. I decided to take pictures of my friends’ eyes and use them as the main focus in my collage. Before creating this collage, my friends and I were talking about how we use to play with kaleidoscopes when we were younger. This inspired me to mimic a kaleidoscope through Photoshop to display how a toy I used to play with when I was younger can be digitally replicated. I chose to use pictures of my friends’ eyes in this art collage because they inspired me to create this kaleidoscope. I wanted to create an interpretation of our generation. Our generation has become so digitalized and I thought by creating a kaleidoscope on Photoshop this would depict how our generation has taken toys, such as a kaleidoscope, and digitalized it.

Some design elements I used in this collage is repetition. When creating this art collage, I selected five eyes from different photos to put on a new layer of Photoshop. I then duplicated this layer three times and flipped each horizontality, vertically, or a combination of both. This created repetition in my collage. Another element of design I focused on when creating this collage is value. There is a wide range of colors and contrast in my photo collage that makes up the value in my image. The multiple layers in my collage create lighter and darker shades, causing a depth of value throughout the photo.

When I first look at the photo my eye is drawn to the center blue eye and then works around it. The blurred eyes in the background help my eyes flow throughout the collage. When looking at images of kaleidoscopes, I noticed there are strong shapes in all of the photos. I thought the use of a circular eye would be interesting and different. The repetition of the circles creates new shapes throughout the collage, such as triangles and diamond shapes. I wanted to outline the eyes in a white boarded to draw more attention to these shapes made through the repetition of the eyes. Some tools I used on Photoshop to make this collage was the quick section tool, ellipse tool, radical blur effect, and I also adjusted the contrast and saturation. For my collage, I believe it would have to be done digitally. For each layer of the eyes, I put a hard-light effect on it so you could see each of the layers. This would have to be done digitally to get the same effect.

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