Pattern: Victoria Henry-LeMaster

Quilt by Annie Mae Young c. 1985

The pattern in “Postage Stamp” Medallion by Annie Mae Young is a seemingly random spiral like the rotation of square pieces of fabric. There are many different colors, and patterns within this piece, it seems as though it may by old fabrics that weren’t being used anymore and the artist just cut them down and spread them out to make a more abstract design. I was also thinking that the squares might actually be easier to sew at small intervolves than larger strips or pieces.

I think that it looks the way that it does because the artist utilized her freedom of creativity, the white squares interacting with the darker pieces creates a ribbed look to the outside of the quilt which infers to the name of a postage stamp. The use of reds in the central square may be bringing attention to the American flags reds but that is more of a personal inference. I definitely think that a stamp was the original source of inspiration to grate the piece, also the siding on the right of a different fabric may have been to make the size wider.

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