Digital Collage: Shengjie.wu

Shengjie.wu project#1 Low-res

‘The Impact of Air Pollution’ by shengjie.wu

The imageries that I used in this design are found on websites such as flickr, and the images that I found are public domain or creative commons. Based on the reason that I wanted to make my project as ‘air pollution’, I found some images which can present my project reasonably. An idea came out when I decided to make this project as ‘air pollution. I was going to present human as exhaust gas produced by cars and vehicles. After I made a blueprint of my design in my mind, I started to find usable and related images from internet.

I believe that I use color, texture and size in my design. Color is the most important part that I used in my design. For instance, I changed my ‘ground’ image color to purple; I also changed my ‘mountain’ image to orange. The reason that I changed the color of ‘ground’ and ‘mountain’ images was that I wanted to show high contrast in my design, Thus, I used two dramatic different colors to show the contrast. Texture also played important roles in my design. If you view the design carefully, you can find that I added some image noise of the materials except the ‘jeep’ material. Based on the reason that my topic is ‘air pollution’, I wanted to make the images looked dirty. My eye was attracted by the white ‘jeep’ after I finished my design, because I did not add any image noise on the white ‘jeep’. Besides, all images that I used in my design were colorful except the ‘jeep’ image. The jeep image was clean and bright white color. Under such condition, my eye was attracted by ‘jeep’ image firstly.

I believe that it is really easy to interpret this collage as ‘air pollution’. However, there was a tricky part in this design. If you view the mountain carefully, you would find that ‘mountain’ was zigzag randomly. I wanted to show permanent damage which was affected by exhaust gas and air pollution.

I used selection tool, Hue, vector mask, gradient tool, and etc. in this design. The most important tool that I used was selection tool. All the images that I used were cropped by using selection tool.

This work need to be constructed digitally. I cannot change hue of the images physically. Besides, I cannot add vector mask physically.

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