History ofCollage & Photomontage: Bethany Smyth


Here, artist and photographer Lauren Chher has made a photomontage of a tent floating in the sky. This specific photomontage is a part of his collection called Flying Houses. https://mymodernmet.com/laurent-chehere-surreal-flying-houses/

I chose the artist Laurent Chhre. Laurent Chhre has a series of surrealistic collages of houses floating in the sky, called Flying Houses. Earlier in his collection Chhre’s work is more obvious with people living out their daily lives within the houses but his newer works are a bit more outrageous with animals and strange people peeking out of spaces in the homes. His artwork is inspired by the homes in 1970’s Paris where he grew up and his interest in cinematic history.

It looks like his techniques involve a program similar to or equal to photoshop. His collages are seamless, which make their appearance very eerie but also magical. Multiple works of his within the Flying Houses series remind me of specific movies such as Disney Pixar’s UP and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children because of the vintage appearances to the houses. I also think “peculiar” is a good word to describe his collages.

His use of color isn’t vibrant but it also isn’t bland. I would say the value of color is soft and the contrast between the house and the sky is a soft contrast. The houses he uses have similar colors to those in the sky he uses as a background. The shapes are very clear because the picture of the house itself is a clean cut out and the texture of the house against the sky is a good use of contrast. The houses are always the dominant focus of the photomontage and the people and animals tend to be smaller focuses that add to the uniqueness of each montage. The size of the houses usually take up majority of the space.

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