History of Collage & Photomontage: Kameryn Skillingstad

Collage by Eugenia Loli who is famous for combining vintage photos to create a dream like feel. 

Eugenia Loli is the artist of this collage. She is famous for combining vintage photos to create realistic looking landscapes. Her art pieces are creative because they are so bright and out of the ordinary they give the appearance of dreams. What’s interesting about Loli is that she started out her career in the technology field however it didn’t seem to appeal to her so she left to let her creativity flow and create art such as this collage. Loli creates these collages by starting with a base image that sets the mood for the entire piece and adds others on to create a movie like appearance to each collage. This affects the way the viewer sees each collage because everywhere you look there are images that would rarely ever be seen together in the real world. This creates an intriguing and fantastic aspect to each collage that keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat. In this particular collage I chose, the aspect that stands out to me most is line. You can see the bright blue beam cutting through the black starry background (contrast). Also, the dark grey mountain that seems to cut the collage in half, separating the sky from the woman on the ground. The shape in the center of the piece is also very intriguing because it makes the viewer wonder what exactly it is and lets the audience interpret the shape. The last element that stands out to me most is color because it is mostly cool tones but there are pops of bright colors in the flamingoes, the woman’s skin and bathing suit, and the flowers in the bottom right corner. I am very fascinated with Loli’s collages because they have so many design elements that truly make them stand out from other collages.

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