History of Collage & Photomontage: Tori Bredy

For this blog post, I chose to research the work and style of Eugenia Loli. During my search for this assignment, I found myself quite interested in all the different styles of collages done by the artists. They all have a similar theme, using forties and fifties through the present, yet each express different talents and methods by the artist. Loli is considered a contemporary artist and uses digital media and tools to craft up her pieces. Being a contemporary artist, Loli is able to continue to bring the collage to her work, just with different tools. Throughout Loli’s work, she incorporates iconic art from the fifties while using digital editing programs to create that contemporary twist to her artwork.

Time has definitely changed from when collages were being created as far

This collage demonstrates Loli’s use of science fiction along with merging it with art from the fifties. Since digital editing programs were used to create this, it would be considered a “contemporary approach” (“Stars for Breakfast” by Eugenia Loli, https://cargocollective.com/eugenialoli/)

back as Picasso. Now, in the twenty-first century, we have the accessibility to computers, tablets, Internet where artists are able to use software to create digital artwork. Loli uses contemporary advancements to create her art. With technology and digital editing programs, this accessibility has influenced their creative choices because the artists have a way to make it just right. The digital editing programs allow the artists to ‘undo’ work that they might feel just isn’t placed right. This is much different compared to the artists that created their collages by hand because work was stuck where it was placed, even if the artist wanted to change where it was placed.

This artwork demonstrates Loli’s use of modern vintage art with her twist of science fiction (“UFO Abduction” by Eugenia Loli, https://cargocollective.com/eugenialoli/)


Loli’s choice of tools and materials affect the way I interpret the composition. While observing her work, it is unique and interesting to see how Loli uses well-known celebrities of the forties and fifties or uses women and children that reflect the 50s decade and see them edited in a collage with a space themed backdrop. Loli’s artwork has a sci-fi theme along with it which makes it much more interesting to enjoy.

In “Stars for Breakfast,” there is distinct contrast between time periods. The setting of the artwork takes place in a classic fifties kitchen however the inside of the fridge is in outer space. There is contrast with colors, kitchen and family are subtle colors but outer space is a mixture of black, deep purple and tan.

In “UFO Abduction,” I see two strict vertical lines which represent the UFO grabbing the man and a contrasting horizontal line which is where the sky meets the sea. The colors used in this artwork are in harmony with the overall piece.

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