History of Collage & Photomontage: Ryan Ferrell

In my class’s assigned readings this past week, my eye was caught by the Jiyen Lee contemporary collage. Jiyen has a history of creating collages of stairs stacked on top of each other with, what seems to be, pedestrians walking on the stairs. Since the point of view is from an aerial/bird’s-eye-view, your brain will want to think it’s just another trippy image of shapes and lines trying to confuse your mind. The stairs move in all directions are in


This image shows a mass amount of people walking up and down stairs, although you aren’t able to depict which it is. (Image by: Jiyen Lee)

varying sizes, yet have no perception as to if the people on the stairs are going up or down, or where the stairs end and begin.

After extended research, I wasn’t able to find a website that gives much information about her and her art piece. I wasn’t able to find anything about her influences and inspirations, nor was I able to find the name of the picture (to the right and above this line) and its date of completion of creation. Although, I have a decent idea of what she may have done to create her art. I believe that she took images herself, copied the images and multiplied certain parts many times, warp them, and alter the direction using computer technology.

The way she uses her choice of stairs, the depth perception that causes your eyes to draw into the middle, and the mass amount of people makes me perceive it as society isn’t building out anymore, but rather up instead, as the world population grows. The usage of the many people causes me to perceive this image to be about our quickly-increasing population. You can clearly tell that the walking paths are stair cases that travel high and deep based on the central depth perception using shading. I believe this image perceives that our modern society is very busy and constantly going somewhere, but that they have to climb endless stairs up and down to get to just about anywhere, whether it be work, friend’s or family’s apartments (especially apartments), restaurants, and stores. This is due to our society starting to build society up as we are running out of usable land.

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