History of Collage & Photomontage: Josue Cuevas

I’ve decided to go with this collage by John Turck as my example. The artist John Turck is know to create collages by hand and blend elements from nature, pop culture and architecture. Mr. Turck’s main goal is to design pieces that look if they were digitally created in photoshop.

A beautiful collage and my personal favorite one by John Turck

I believe that John Turck was influenced by many different types of technologies a big one being photoshop like mentioned before. I think this is a big influence because his style is trying to imitate the works of photoshop, but only he does it by hand. Another influence of John may be old school hand crafts or paintings because his process is a more traditional, all handmade style. So that makes me suppose that his creative process is influenced by traditional or old school type of art style.

Since John’s process is handmade it makes me appreciate his works that much more. He really does a great job in the Direction of his art like how his works flow in a vertical manner combining two different sites, and combining them in a way thats makes the work seem balanced. Like if the two worlds both belong together even though they are completely different. Also the way Turck uses Colour to catch the eye is another thing that makes me interpret the work differently than if he used basic Colours a basic or beginner artist would use. Another thing I noticed about his works of art are that they have huge sense of Balance. When looking at his work both parts look like they are about equal in space making the art look balanced. For the example shown above the space upper half isn’t taking anymore room than the lower lake house part in the whole overall work. So those are some things John Turck does in his creative process that make his works very pleasant to look at and admire.

Sources used: https://mymodernmet.com/john-turck-collage-art


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