History of Collage & Photomontage: Jaclyn Erickson

The artist I chose for this assignment was Jiyen Lee a Korean artist who specializes in  hypnotizing digital collage. The images she creates are extremely intriguing to look at, and for the most part what seems to be from a bird’s eye view. The series of images appears to be men, women, children, strollers, suitcases, and pets going up and down escalators or walkways. She arranged them in all sorts of different directions to really make your head spin around and take a good look.

There are all sorts of different sizes as you can see from the images attached below. Each image has a different sort of texture to it and this is because of how she came to arrange the walkways and escalators of people and some of these images have a sort of 3D affect to them because of the depths and angles she used when assembling each image. Within majority work it is still unknown which direction these people walking or which way the escalators are moving. Jiyen also uses line symmetry to keep people interested and their eyes moving along the image.

Through these images Jiyen has created she shows the busy world we live in and how people are always going from one place to the next. Although all her images revolving around the same concept, it opened my eyes and allowed me to see that a photo collage or a photomontage doesn’t need to be a 1000 different images all combined into one.

Here you can see men and women going up and down escalators that have been stretched and turned creating a very unique design. Image by: Jiyen Lee

Here you see walk ways rather then escalators that are filled with people walking to their next destination. Image by: Jiyen Lee

In this image there is no distinction on which direction the people are moving or whether or not the stairs are descending or ascending. Image by: Jiyen Lee

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