Technological Artifact: Luke Schauble

This shows a whole computer, with the  mouse I have on the right
(Photo by:Matthew Wilson, Kitguru,August 2018)

Unlike other generations, the generation I grew up in has always had practical and affordable computers. Although they were not as fast as they are now, they did things in seconds, that took other generations minutes, to even hours. That instant gratification has caused problems for kids in my generation, but the positives of it, have vastly outweighed the negatives. On that note, I decided to pick, my Corsair gaming mouse as my technological artifact. I have used this mouse for 4 years now and don’t plan on buying a new one until this one breaks, its built well and is very reliable. The mouse demonstrates some of the flaws of newer technology, and highlights the fact that newer, is not always better. In a world with high tech electronics, most people use wireless mice, which are nice, because there is no wires that get in the way. However, I will only use a wired mouse for two reasons. First, they never disconnect and are way more accurate for gaming. With a wired mouse, as soon as you move it, the computer registers the movement. The same cannot be said for a wireless mouse. Second, they do not require spending extra money on batteries.

This defines me because of the things in my life I have used it to do. I have only ever played video games on a computer. Without the mouse, playing games on the computer would have never been possible. All my life I have used a computer, or the smaller, more portable computer, commonly known as a phone, to keep in touch with my family and friends. I cannot even think of living in a time where I couldn’t call someone to find out what they were up to, or if I had a question. The computer mouse also defines my generation, everyone who is part of my generation knows what a computer mouse is and how to use it. During my generation, computers went from something that was only for the wealthy and privileged, to something that has changed the world. Computers have single handedly changed the way we interact with others, get work done, and even keep confidential medical records. In this day and age, almost all school work is done and submitted on a computer, 20 years ago, this would have been unheard of.

The mouse I chose specifically, makes it easy to see the mission of the Media Archeology Lab. Along with many other things, I believe one of the great things about the MAL, is that we can look at older technology, and exactly what worked, and what to improve on. As the old saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. This is why the keyboard and the mouse, with small improvements, have remained the same ever since they were created. My mouse embodies that. Unlike, in my opinion, the completely unusable wireless apple mouse, the mouse I own keeps the form of the reliable mouse that we have always had, and doesn’t try to do anything fancy in the process. Having something like the MAL makes newer technology better, and helps us to improve and continue to innovate.




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