Point, Line, Plane: Mikaela Thomas

Photo of a medium close-up of a front door. (Photo taken by Mikaela Thomas, August 2018.)

Point line and plane are all distinct things in a composition, but with some overlap. A point can be framed to look like a plane, or a line can framed to look like a plane, or any overlapping of the three. My first photo on the left, shows a close-up of my front door. The pattern of squares shows both plane and line. The plane would be each individual square on the door. There are lines that make up the squares itself, which you can see because the photo is closer. If the photo was taken at a greater distance, those lines would not be visible and the square pattern would appear smaller, making it look more like a point. The letter box is also an example of a plane in this photo.


Photo of broken up cement covered in tree debris. (Photo taken by Mikaela Thomas, August 2018).

My second photo is of cement that is broken, covered in lots of tree debris. The cracks in the pavement represent lines in this photo. The different pieces of cement that are created with the cracks are shown as planes in this photo. The different leaves and pieces of debris on the ground all represent points in this photo. If we were to frame this photo differently, this could change however. If we were closer on the picture, some of the wider cracks could become planes in themselves. Also, the pieces of leaves on the ground could be planes as well if we were closer.




Photo of a Cougar Athletic Fund billboard. (Photo taken by Mikaela Thomas, August 2018)

My third photo is of a billboard for the Cougar Athletic Fund found outside the WSU soccer field. The whole board is a plane itself, as well as the soccer field shown in the photo. The details on the top of the board is a line as well as the power cords that are shown in the photo. All the small things on the field such as the field markings, the lights, and the seating are all shown as points in this photo. This photo is interesting to be because it is a photo within a photo, so there are lines that make up the billboard and lines that are outside of it. This makes the entire billboard a plane instead of only seeing whats on the actual billboard.

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