Technological Artifact: Leah Henry


Here’s a screenshot of the Fitbit Charge

I’ve owned my Fitbit Charge for about three years now and have used it to keep track of my exercise. This technological artifact represents me because I constantly aim to stay healthy and this product helps me to do so. It tells me the time, my steps, miles traveled, floors climbed, and calories I’ve burned throughout the day. I haven’t used it much in the last few years, as I now have my phone to track similar things for me. In addition, I feel that I used to exercise more and cared more about tracking it than I do now. When I do wear it, I tend to work harder to exercise during the day because it constantly reminds me of my progress.

A screenshot of the Fitbit app


The product itself connects to my phone through an app which allows me to look at more specific details about my activity. The app stores my history every day and also provides ways to track things like what I eat, how much water I drink, and my sleeping patterns. Since getting my Fitbit, there has been many apps developed that can record similar activities. One major product that is comparable to a Fitbit and has recently gained a lot of popularity is the Apple Watch. This type of technology is fairly new and is something that my generation specifically has utilized. Having the tools to view your activity and physical health habits has proven to be very beneficial for many people. People my age have experienced a variety of technological advances, especially within the last decade. I don’t use my Fitbit as frequently anymore since I have newer products like my phone that can do the same thing for me. This reminds me of how my generation is always using the most recent technology, and in turn forgetting about products that were developed even a couple years ago. It seems that the world of technology is advancing so quickly that there will always be something bigger and better available for my generation.

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