Technological Artifact: Andy Snow

For my technological artifact, I chose VHS tapes. VHS stands for Video Home System.


This is an example of a VHS set up. There is the Panasonic VHS tape and remote control sitting on top of the VHS tape player. (Photo by August 2018)

VHS cassette tapes are dear to my heart because I grew up watching them with my family, especially on Saturday and Sunday mornings. After watching the tapes, we were taught to sit on the ground in front of the movie player and hold down the rewind button, making it simpler when we go back to re-watch. The fact that these had to be manually rewound, instead of using a remote control, shows that compared to the current technological devices such as Blue Ray, DVD, and newer televisions, VHS tapes have become the dinosaurs of today’s technology. Technological advancements have continued to be made, changing the clarity of our devices and making them more accessible and used to make life easier. Although it is time consuming to rewind the movies in order to watch them, it is old school to use VHS tapes. The quality of media is low, but when I watch VHS tapes, I reminisce in the past. VHS tapes define my generation because it helps define my childhood. Once DVD’s and more advanced technology began coming out, technology has rapidly increased and companies have grown exponentially. I feel as if my generation, 90’s babies, is the last generation that has been accustomed to slower technology. VHS tapes define both myself and my generation because it is a flash back to the past that my future children and grandchildren may never get to experience. Now a days, the only places where I see a library of VHS tapes would be hidden in my parents living room, in my aunt’s house in Sun Valley, Idaho, or at an antique shop. With how quick of a turn-around technology is, it makes me wonder what Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon will do next to keep up with the high demand of updated flashy technology.


These are VHS tapes of various Disney movies. These were the kind of movies I grew up watching as a child. (Photo from August 2018)

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