Technological Artifact: Juan Guzman

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The technological artifact that I have chosen are Compact Discs (CD’s). I feel that it defines me personally and my generation as a whole because of its MANY  uses in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  Throughout my childhood, I remember walking through each aisle of movies and video games at the Walmart, amazed at all content a single disc was capable of. Holding hours songs, an entire world of fighting video game characters, and playing whole movies from start to finish. I remember my aunts burning CD’s with their favorite bands and convincing them to make me a CD with RnB music, even through I probably didn’t know what half of the slang meant or who even was rapping. Nothing could compare to inserting my Mortal Combat game into my PlayStation and playing for hours without a care in the world. In comparison now, where people have to wait several minutes and even hours just to able to download games, and that’s including have the disc in the console.

The factor that I found interesting after visiting The Media Archaeology Lab’s website is the focus on older technology and how its limited role in todays era. Compact Discs are of course still being used for movies, and music albums but less often now because of the grown popularity of Spotify, SoundCloud, and Netflix. Before these digital applications, there was actually shopping physically and handpicking that 50 Cent CD or renting out the latest fast and furious movie from Blockbuster. Now that disc format has been replaced with online gaming at least for me has changed my view on video games. The only thing that is left is the nostalgia and the appreciation for times that were simpler.

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