Technological Artifact: Kameryn Skillingstad

This picture depicts a Polaroid camera and the pictures it takes. This picture was on the Carousell website which is a platform used to sell items. (Carousell, Instax Mini 8 Yellow Polaroid Camera, 2017)

My digital artifact is a polaroid camera. This is a camera that can take pictures and immediately print that photograph on a small film. This camera is something I was very fascinated by when it first hit the market. I loved the idea of being able to take pictures of things that are important to me and having the instant gratification of getting a hard copy of that photo in a matter of seconds. I took my camera to Hawaii with me last summer and I took amazing quality pictures of the beaches, sunset, seals, and my family that I will have forever. Not only is this camera special to me, it is also a great representation of my generation. As millennials, we get so caught up in taking pictures of everything and photographing special moments that sometimes we forget to actually live in the moment and be present. Also, laziness is something younger generations are known for, this camera allows the user to instantly print pictures they’ve taken instead of having to go to a store and get pictures printed. A polaroid camera is something that has been “trending” for quite some time. Millennials are all about owning things that are trendy or popular at that time and a polaroid picture gives you just that aesthetically pleasing vibe.

This picture depicts the first Polaroid camera invented in 1948 by Edwin Land. This picture used in the article linked is to show the invention of this camera and how it was viewed and used. I could see a similar version of this camera being in the MAL. (Tony Long, ‘Take a Polaroid’ Enters the English Language, 2012)

The media archeology lab’s purpose is to represent forms of technology from the past to better inform people of the future. A polaroid camera to me seems ironic because “instant” cameras were first invented in 1948 but the world began to transition from instant cameras to digital cameras. Now, instant cameras are starting to reappear like my polaroid camera. I think that this camera would be an interesting artifact in the MAL because the majority of the new technology has drastically changed from the technology seen in the past however this polaroid camera has reverted back to the 40’s in not only design but popularity.

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