Technological Artifact Jenna Walker

The technological artifact I chose was my Polaroid camera. I chose this because it mainly defines me, but also somewhat defines my generation. While Polaroid cameras are not new products, they have made quite a come back. Polaroids and the small photos they create have created an aesthetic for my generation. A lot of people post photos of Polaroids and/or have them strung up in various rooms in their homes. Even if you don’t have a Polaroid camera, you somehow end up with a Polaroid photo of your own.

Polaroids have created an aesthetic for my generation. (Photo by Jenna Walker, 2018)

Why I think this defines me is because out of all my friends I feel like I am the one who likes to document the moments we share together. Bringing a Polaroid in to the mix provides actual photos for us rather than what is on our phones or posted to various social media platforms.
These small photos create more sentimental value and something that can be carried with everywhere. Like I said before, Polaroids are not new products. I believe that Polaroids cameras will be around for a long time because they are a very interactive way to take photos. They have been used for many years despite the newer versions of cameras that are available for purchase, people still buy Polaroid cameras.

After visiting the MAL website, it is apparent that there is always something new coming out. Bringing this back to my artifact, it is obvious that the cameras being released and bought now are the new versions. Some cameras now even have WiFi so that photos can be sent directly to a phone or computer. The quality on cameras has improved as well, with today’s cameras no one has to be concerned with how the photos will develop because cameras also have a feature to adjust brightness, increase contrast, and other tools that were not provided on Polaroids or other older cameras. Overall, the MAL showed that there are always new “up-to-date, cutting-edge, tools available,” and compare the old to the new providing a fresh outlook and appreciation for the tools that are provided that once weren’t.

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