Point, Line, Plane: Claire Martin

The fireworks illustrate point and line. Photo by Claire Martin, July 2016.

Every image, whether it be a photograph or digital creation, contains some sort of point, line, or plane. However, it’s the way in which these concepts are used that classifies the compositional elements. In the first image, many little points in the form of sparks make up lines (by definition a series of points) that draw the eye towards focal points at the center of the fireworks. The eye is drawn to the center of the fireworks due to the contrast between the dark night sky and the bright fireworks, which act as leading lines.

This photo of British Museum ceiling illustrates line. Photo by Claire Martin, July 2016.

What I find interesting about the second image is that the lines appear to be fairly straight in some areas yet have more curvature in other places. Additionally, the thickness of the lines changes throughout the photo; the lines in the upper right appear to be thinner, while those in the bottom and upper left appear thicker. Finally, the eye is drawn to the sun in the left of the photo because of its brightness and the leading lines that seem to almost open up as them approach it.

This image displays plane and line. Photo by Claire Martin, July 2016.

The sign in this image is an example of plane because it’s simply a flat surface with height and width. I love the juxtaposition of the smooth, 2-dimensional sign with its straight, precise lines and the texture and curvature of the 3-dimensional grass within the forefront of the image. The contrasting white of the sign and boldness of the text draw the eye away from the natural greens in the foreground and background.

This image displays volume, as well as line and contrast. Photo by Claire Martin, July 2016.

This image displays volume as the height, width, and depth of the building’s chimneys and pop outs are visible. I love the many differing textures and styles of architecture pictured and the contrast between the white windows and the dark building. This photo uses the concept of line in the form of leading lines, drawing the viewers eye to the left due to the angle, as well as to separate the different parts of the building. Line can also be seen within the image’s textures, including the brickwork of central tower and the shingles of darker section.

The scale of an object can determine a significant amount about it. A small dot would on an empty canvas would likely be referred to as a point, while a much larger dot may be thought of as a plane. Similarly, a thin line would be thought of as just that: a line, while a much thicker line could be thought of as a plane. An example would be the newly designed Diet Coke can we examined in class. The stripe on the can be thought of as merely a thick line or a plane.

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