Point, Line, Plane: Clara Mui

After reading the chapter Point, Line, Plane, I realized they often appear together and we can see different aspects depending on our focus.

LV’s new clutch is designed with rhinestones to make out wordings and patterns on a can-like clutch. P.96 in VOGUE September issue 2018

In the photo we can see the rhinestones individually but we automatically focus out and would be able to see lines and planes made of the colorful stones (points). Designer/s were able to display two different kinds of typographic shapes using the different color stones/points. We are able to observe the relationship between point, line, and plane in this piece easily without zooming into a line to find pixels, so I found it interesting.

So I started to look into daily life objects for examples of these elements integrating with each other.

Manhole cover photographed by Clara Mui

This is another example of the three elements, point, line, plane, existing together in one design. At first I saw letters and a diamond pattern throughout the manhole cover, but if the perspective is changed, I was able to see more elements on the design. The obvious lines are the light brown lines, but the negative spaces/planes created by the lighter lines could also be thick dark brown lines cut through by lighter color lines. The dark brown planes could also be seen as big diamond shaped points as well!




Hermit’s footprints. Taken at Okinawa, Japan on August 5 by Clara Mui

The last example I have is a photo I took on a beach in Okinawa, Japan. I was fascinated how creature so small could make such beautiful lines/patterns. Hundreds of hermit crabs migrated into the forest as the tides were coming in was amazing to see because together they made sand art that was very unique and in harmony. Sand itself is point like pixel, and by manipulating the sand, the hermit crabs were able to create lines and planes by making depth and shadows in the sand, and the shadows became darker points, transforming into lines and planes.

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