Technological Artifact: Aidan Aumell


This is a Xbox one Controller. One of the newest controllers available on the market. (Photo by Aidan Aumell, August 2018)

I choose a gaming controller as my Technological Artifact because of how widely used it was throughout my childhood. I still have a box in my garage at home filled with old gaming system controllers. The photo that is shown above is a picture of Microsoft Xbox One controller. I choose this artifact to represent my generation because as a child growing up in America, video game were extremely popular and was a new upcoming thing. Videos games have been a large part of my childhood and a lot of my friends as well. Through playing similar games we shared bonds that created friendships through gaming. The ability to play numerous controllers on one console opens up the gaming dynamic and lets the gamers play together, while sharing the fun experience that come along with playing the video games.  Variety of different companies such as Nintendo and Microsoft created numerous different platforms to use the controllers.   Yearly they improve controllers as new gaming systems come out. Controllers evolve each year in orders to better the style and functionality.  The controllers give the gamer the ability to explore the creative content that is offered by the video games. Playing these games within a group of people brings us closer together because we are all enjoying the creative content together. As a child grew up I played a lot of video games with my friends, a specific game in particular was Mario Cart. My friends and I used to play this game all the time together because of how it let the gamers connect 4 controllers to the console. This opened up the gaming dynamic and made it so it was more of a group activity more then just a video game. This is the bond I shared throughout my childhood with my friends playing these games, and I believe that this same bond was experienced by most millennialism growing up. Many of my friends from my childhood, we actually met online before we did in person. This is a result of gaming culture and the innovation of new aged consoles.

After reading the Media Archaeology Lab it really made me think that back to how long the gaming consoles have existed. The Media Archaeology Lab has been safekeeping a bunch of old gaming consoles and controllers in their lab. Seeing picture of these consoles just shows how far gaming controllers has come. It surprised me to see that they had old gaming consoles from 1985. For the past 30 years developers have been creating new video game console and controllers, which in turns playing into the culture and the dynamic of that generations. Characters and settings in these video games become common knowledge to that generation and becomes apart of their culture. An example of this would be Mario and Peach from the Nintendo series, most Americans know who what that is and that is because of how wildly gaming consoles were used across my generation.

About aidanaumell

My name is Aidan Aumell and I am from Sammamish Washington.I have a brother who is 21 and goes to Western. In my free time I like to play soccer, Watch TV, hangout with friends, or go to raves. My mom went to WSU and that one of the reasons I came to school here.
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