WSU Art Museum: Jen Ladwig

This photo shows Andy Warhol’s “Paris Review 18” at the WSU Museum of Art.

I selected Andy Warhol’s “Paris Review 18” as the work I will analyze. This piece features a reproduction of someone’s handwriting, which is a strong cursive. It is messy, giving it a very human look to it. I selected this piece because it shows an imperfect form of calligraphy. It has the classic hard thick and thin lines to the text, and it has a very rushed look. I am hoping to give my typeface a calligraphic look, and I want it to be imperfect, like this handwriting.

I think the subject of the piece is very interesting, as it is very simple, but quite beautiful. I feel it exemplifies the “less is more” saying. I hope to take that into consideration as I create my typeface.

I find the effortless look of the text to be quite beautiful. I would like to add that feel to my font, to give it a more elegant and polished look, while still being imperfect. Something that is interesting to me is that no two letters or numbers are the same. For example, in the price column for the $6.00 vodka, the zeros are not even close to the same. This is an interesting idea, because that’s how people really write. We are never able to create the same exact letter again. However, I don’t know how that could be transferred to a typeface. Maybe you could have a few variations of each letter, so not every one is the same. But that seems very impractical for the creation of a typeface. I suppose that’s why people will always have a soft spot for hand-written letters.

By looking at this example as well as examples of calligraphic texts, I hope to find a happy medium between the two to give my text an organic feel while also having it be able to be somewhat reproduced


About Jen Ladwig

Hello world! Jen here. I am a sophomore at Washington State University, I am pursuing a degree in communication with an emphasis in journalism and media production. The goal is to get a global studies minor as well as fluency in French. I currently work as an editor at WSU's school paper, The Daily Evergreen, which I have come to realize is a job I'd love to do for the rest of my life. If I could have it my way, I would write or edit at a newspaper or magazine that had a global reach. Although I am still figuring things out, I know one thing; journalism is my calling. I have many hobbies, the most prominent of which are writing, tennis, and spending time with friends. Fun fact, I don't like to play games, so no video games or board games for me. This blog is for my Com 210 class, as a platform to post different multimedia projects we create throughout the semester.
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