WSU Art Museum: Amanda Harle

Illustration from “Trailer Blaze: Short Run”s Ladies Comics & Books Residency at the Sou-wester on beautiful Long Beach in Seaview, WA”.

The piece I have chosen is from the “Trailer Blaze: Short Run”s Ladies Comics: Books Residency at the Sou-wester on beautiful Long Beach in Seaview, WA” zine! On the particular page, there is not text present but I like the variety of density of the lines of the seats that are drawn that have a brush like texture. I understand that there is no text, but I want to use this a inspiration and probably influence in my typeface. However, since I want to lean towards a modular based design rather than a material based… I will not have the brush strokes but I hope to use a variety of thickness/density in my lines for each letter. I also like the black with an accent color! Again, with the watercolor texture.. I am not sure I will do that for my modular based letters, but it gives me the idea of do blocks and shapes of colors around my text that is offset rather than making the design look neat. Although each chair is different and not exact, they all have a rhythm between them all, creating a consistent look which I hope to create within my typeface!

I hope that my typeface over all will have a clear look and personality like each chair has but a rhythm between each letter, making it clear that my letters will represent song lyrics whether I finalize with a twenty one pilots or Halsey song.


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DTC 355, Spring 2017 Semester.
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