Formstorming: Thomas Chiou

The Gee’s bend Quilts are so special because of its uniqueness. Due to its isolation by the Alabama River, and their struggles, they were able to create something so different and meaningful. Their quilts show the tradition of textiles made by their hands for their home and family. It represents their African American’s culture, religion, belief, community, and themselves. Most of the quits are simply being made from recycled materials. They had limited resources, so most of the quilts are being improvised. I think the Gee’s Bend Quilts uses formstorming for pretty much all their creation. Formstorming is a way for artist to be more creative with their arts. By having different variations, and iterations of the similar subject it helps give the artist a different angle, and perception. The process of making different variety help explore their own unique style. It shows the formstroming, and their thought process. Since most of the Gee’s bend are mostly improvised and have different variation. The quiltmakers also gain a lot of inspiration from their personal life, and the community’s tradition. Each quiltmaker has its own interpretation and style.

The quilt “Cross In Square” And “Bear Paw”—Nine-Block Variation made by Agatha Bennett has both geometric and organic elements. The quilt has nine geometric individual squares which has its own design. Each of the nine squares also have four even smaller squares inside. Each design of the square can be its own quilt or pattern, with organic colors and shapes. With each individual unique square, it creates a cross in the middle. The shape might be similar, but the design has its own identity, with its color scheme, geometric shape, pattern, placement, and other elements. The black squares and the gray rectangle bars give the art a balance, and symmetrical look. In a way Agatha is using formstorming on her artwork. Each square is a different variation of the similar design. Its a collection of her work on one quilt.

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