Formstorming: Daniel Kim

I would say the Gee’s Bend ladies do a wonderful job at using formstorming because the book, Graphic Design: The New Basics, mentions how the concept is about finding solutions to design problems. The women of Gee’s Bend practically use this concept for every quilt they made due to the lack of material and former design/art education. When piecing a quilt they Gee’s Bend women have to keep in mind what materials they have and where that piece of material will fit in the quilt. These ladies are actively doing visual thinking and are using their problem solving abilities to make a quilt. They do not simply slap a piece of fabric in place, but they think about the size, shape, and color of the material before stitching it in place.

This quilt was the most fun and interesting to look at due the consistent rhythm created by the red and white strips. The rhythm of the piece gets more steady and full as one approaches the very center, unlike the short and separated red and white surrounding. The use of a more geometric form also helps create this rhythm due to it’s sharp corners. The sharp corners also create a cleaner rhythm that is properly enunciated, where as a circle or curved shape would have created a smooth and connected rhythm. The balance of this particular quilt is very nice because there are only two colors and there is no outlier piece of material that really stands out. The quilt is also symmetrical which also helps with the balance of this quilt. The concept of this quilt feels abstract because there is no direct message that anyone can really take from the design itself. With all of this being said, going back to the formstorming concept, all of the different elements mentioned are all apart of formstorming. When applying any of these concepts to design, the designer will constantly be finding solutions to their personal design problems.

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