Formstorming: Caleb McEnderfer

This quilt is made of cotton twill and synthetic material. The quilt was made by Loretta Pettway.

These quilts have historical value and all of the quilt display design concepts that we have learned about, but these women did not have any knowledge of these concepts, which makes these quilts quite amazing. The first quilt seems that it is a geometric pattern because the blue crosses seem like a measured length, but most of the lines do not have complete symmetry and have different thicknesses that make the quilt feel a bit unbalanced.

The four crosses that create the four boxes create balance by having an equal distribution throughout the quilt. The brown lines that surround the blue crosses create a rhythm that moves the eye in different directions. The different thicknesses of the brown lines create an ambiguity to the rhythm, but I think it makes it more intriguing and abstract.

This quilt is made out of Corduroy, denim, polyester knit, assorted synthetics. Created by Annie Mae Young.

This quilt called “bars” is a geometric pattern, but the color interaction makes it feel different. The quilt feels a bit unbalanced because the bars are different lengths for the most part and the color pattern of the bars looks random. I think this quilt is abstract because the randomness of the length of the bars and the placement of the bars do not have a natural order.

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