Formstorming: Ana Giles


“Housetop” by Nellie Mae Abrams, Gee Bend quilt

The quilts that are crafted by the women of Gee’s Bend are an excellent example of formstorming. Formstorming be definition, is “an act of visual thinking,” meaning the designs that people create tell a story or a thought process, even if not explicitly stated. The women of Gee’s Bend created these quilts because they had to. They had no means to purchase new blankets, and the tradition of making quilts for their family was an age old tradition leading back to the slave history of Gee’s Bend. Even though these women had to make these quilts for functionality, they also took the time to construct quilts that had artistic purpose. I chose Nellie Mae Abrams’ quilt “Housetop” because I was drawn to the blues and the square design. There’s balance with the first outer square where there are two sides that are blue and two that are white, creating a frame around the center squares. The center squares look like three square corners overlapping behind the frame. The whole quilt is very geometric with squares throughout. This quilt can be linked back to formstorming because although this quilt was made for a function, Abrams decided to put a design into it and keep in mind the colors she used, instead of placing random pieces wherever.

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