Formstorming: Amanda Harle

“Bricklayer” Variation created by Linda Diane Bennett c.1970. It is a part of the Gee’s Bend: The Architecture of the Quilt exhibition.

According to the reading, Formstorming is the acts/works of visual thinking and the quilts that the women of the “Gee’s Bend Quilts” had created represent just that. Each women had created their quilts purely on experience, surroundings, and their motives in creating each quilt. In the documentary we learned about how each quilt held a unique, personal, and original direction for the purpose of creation.

The decided to choose a quilt creation by Linda Diane Bennett (c. 1970) “Bricklayer” Variation. Not only did Linda create her quilt in the form of formstorming but many of the other women did as well (maybe even would go a step further saying that all of the women had). The women had lived in a location that was isolated from a ton of different influences. Their influences were their experiences of poverty and their community, the influence of religion and soul, and even history (the Civil Rights Movement). They all created their quilts on the influence of their life stories. Linda’s quilt had balance with the placements of each rectangular shape by creating symmetry within the quilt even if each shade of blue is not like the other. The “beehive”/diamond shape that takes place within the quilt creates a geometric and straight forward pattern. The white shapes and blue, work well with one another but they work well with creating the balance and rhythm within the quilt creating consistency. I want to say that the quilt to me leans in both the abstract and representational concepts. Abstract in the sense of it is a geometric pattern with a variation of blues, but representational with the use of denim hat was used and the brick layering maybe creating it off of something in their home/something visually familiar in the Linda’s life.

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