Color interaction is an analogy of color theory which studies the relationship between colors which correlates fundamentally with every spectrum of life from emotions to how individuals interpret information effectively to object interaction and relation. This idea was proven through the study of how color is not the least hue and shade but in communication with one another, how it’s relationship portrays additional information through its unique contrast. interaction-mobile-design-02

I chose this as my example for color interaction as I think it serves as a great example of colors talking with each other. From first glance, you can see the majority yellow background which pulls the eyes in, not just because it’s yellow, but because it’s in contrast with the black skin as well as the black iPhone. Over that, the white within the phone pulls out even more contrast as it directs the eye towards the product in the center of the phone. You can also see the yellow within the phone as it stands out to the eyes and creates a pop to the product. You can see almost a light blue hue in the center of the phone as well as the contrast the man creates within the frame. In a sense there is constant everywhere within the product ad that pulls the eyes at the same time makes the image highly interesting.

Link to GIF:

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