Color Interaction: Lexi Day

Color interaction is used to show differences in photos, and is used widely to distinguish certain characteristics of art or real life; such as the changing of the seasons based on whether the world around you is a lush green or brown and dull.


Old Italian Village of Riomaggiore by Julie Soul on Unsplash 

For my photo example I have chosen this photo of a seaside town in Italy. In the photo you can tell how old some of the buildings are by the saturation of color on their sides. The building on the bottom left has the reddish color fading, indicating it hasn’t been painted in awhile. The colors are all analogous, as they are all different variations of the same rusty orange shade. The green window’s stand out as a complementary color, since they aren’t close together on the color wheel. The saturation of the photo seems to be low, as none of the colors are too vibrant and the sun hitting the building contains a more white than yellow hue. The value of the buildings in the upper right section is also very light, none of the buildings contain too dark of a wall color.

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