Final Reflection: Lillie Williams

I wanted to create a menu design that fit the theme of Paradise Creek Brewery. When designing my menu, I thought about the observations that different groups saw when they went for a visit. I wanted to put some of the ideas and content that the class came up with such as, comfortable, warm, soft, homemade, etc. When I looked at my classmate’s menu designs I thought that Camille Oppedall created a menu that fit the restaurant’s spirit well.


Camille Oppedall’s menu inside

When looking at Camille’s menu my eyes scan the menu down and then to the right. The visual hierarchy is very clear because her food section titles are larger and have a different font than her meal choices and descriptions. Also, she has visuals (the pointed finger) next to each of the section titles, which makes the reader look at the section title first and know that the items under it are in that section. The descriptions under the meal choices are indented and aren’t bolded telling the audience that they are the description of the bolded meal above it.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 10.48.48 PM

Lillie Williams’s menu front

In my menu design I hoped the reader would start on the left side and read it down moving to the right side. I tried to establish visual hierarchy by also making the food section titles larger and then indenting the food choices and descriptions as well underneath the section title. My meal options have a slightly heavier weight and are a bit larger than their descriptions as well. Camille’s hierarchy is a bit clearer though since she bolded her meal options, indented her descriptions more, and had visuals next to her title meal sections.


Camille Oppedall’s inside visuals

Camille’s overall visual style brings out Paradise Creek Brewery’s theme. I think it is appropriate for the establishment because when the class talked about their own observations when they visited it, we all concluded how it gave a parlor type feeling. The small details like the horizontal markers underneath each page give a parlor type feel. The visuals Camille uses give off an old style that makes the menu connect with the restaurant. I really enjoyed how she used the hand pouring a beer on the right and left side of the inside flaps. The fireplace in the middle of the menu reminds me of the fireplace in the establishment.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 10.48.56 PM

Lillie Williams’s menu back 

The visual style of my menu is easy to read. I think that it works well for families and the alignment makes columns that is easy for the audience to understand. I think that it is appropriate for the establishment because it gives an approaching and comfortable presence. It is easy to understand and the wood border allows the customers to focus on the meals and their descriptions inside of it. The front side title in a font goes well with the establishment as well.

Color did play a role in Camille’s menu design. She used a white-ish construction paper on the outside of the menu and a yellow-ish construction paper on the inside of the menu. It makes me think that the inside of the menu is like the inside of the restaurant. There’s a glow when you go inside of the restaurant and the yellow-ish paper inside the menu can be a symbol of that glow. I thought about pattern rather than color in my menu design. I wanted to use a wood pattern because of wood barrels that hold beer, the establishment makes their own beer though a Pullman facility. Also, I was inspired by the texture of the wood interior from the restaurant when I thought about my menu design. The point of the raw wood border was to create a focus on the menu, but also to connect it to the inside characteristics of the restaurant.

I enjoyed the way Camille put her menu together. I thought the paper type was appropriate and made her design stronger because it was a thick construction paper that gave more stability. However, the menu was small when I held it in my hands. For my menu I enjoyed the size of it because it wasn’t too big and could be held in any type of hands, from adults to children. It was small enough so the eyes wouldn’t wonder around and be confused on where to go, but was big enough to have a presence in the customer’s hands.

Camille’s strengths in her menu design include the visuals put in the menu as well as her choice of fonts and organization. The visuals made me think about the historic nature in the establishment, the fonts don’t jumble together, and the hierarchy is clear making it easy for the audience to understand. My strengths consisted of my hierarchy being easy to understand.

In terms of room for improvement, I would’ve liked for Camille’s menu to be a bit larger, that way it would appeal to more adult sized hands. In terms of my design I would’ve liked to add more visuals or even put my menu on an actual slab of wood. It would’ve given the menu more texture and been less flimsy. I think it would’ve been interesting to add a WSU logo or cougar as well. The establishment is in a college town that brings in lots of WSU students and their families.

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