Final reflection: Evan Taylor

For my redesign of the paradise creek brewery menu, I wanted to make a minimalist design. With the use of dark color tones and white, it creates a contrast between the text and background in hopes that it would appear simple, straightforward, and easy on the eye. I think the eye starts by looking at the menu items because of the white background that is the strongest contrast and therefore stands out the most. Followed by the title at the top and then flows from left to right and down the page. On Whitney’s menu, I think visually the first thing you notice is the large stamp on the front cover followed by the logo at the bottom. Then I notice each menu page that is nicely ordered and very visually appealing and a good example of the hierarchy.

I think we both chose to use pretty simple fonts for the menu design. That’s why I wanted to compare ours even though they are presented differently. I Chose my fonts because they are simple but still grab attention. For the menu items secondary text, I used a font that resembles handwriting. I felt that represents the laid back and relaxed environment of paradise creek. Whitney’s menu is also straightforward and simple to navigate, nothing unessarcry and very user-friendly.

Whitney’s menu uses a light brown textured paper on the cover and back that fits the vibe of paradise creek very well and stuck with the rule of three for the colors. I also used a simple color layout of white, black, dark blue, and reddish brown (it was supposed to be dark red but looks more like a burnt brown).

For the sizing of my menu, I wanted a small handheld menu (printed at 8.5×11 and trimmed on the sides and bottom). The menu was printed on a high-quality thick paper with a medium gloss.  Whitney menu seemed to have been a lightweight paper because it uses seven individual pieces of paper when its put together it still feels very sturdy and like a high-quality product. It also seems like it would be easier and cheaper to replace individual pages if the got dirty or destroyed.

I really like that on Whitney menu you are able to see the label of each section from the front cover and easily flip to the page you want, very quickly and efficiently instead of scrolling through the pages. Also, her menu is cool because it doesn’t follow the typical menu design that you see at the majority of restaurants. The only improvement I would have is thicker paper, it feels like if this menu were to get wet even a little bit the pages would be ruined.



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