Final Reflection: Allison Cissna

For this blog post I decided to compare and contrast my menu with Camille Oppedal’s because it was the most appealing to me and it had similar ideas with my design in terms of font choices and layout design. When comparing my design to Camille’s design there are many similarities and differences that make each design appealing.

When looking at my design my eye tends to read left from right and in Camille’s menu design my eye starts from the center and then goes left to right. The more I look at Camille’s the more I noticed that my eye tends to look at the bottom portions first then the top portions. She has a ton of cute images that draw my eye to them first before I read the content. Each image really fits with her theme in terms of being hand drawn and black and white. Her images are probably my favorite part of her entire design, she does an awesome job at keeping everything together. Her visual hierarchy is very clear because she uses clear and bold titles to describe what each section is about and to add to the boldness she uses a hand pointing to the section she is about to add in order to make it clear and bold. Compared to my design, I did use clear and bold titles but I did not use a visual image to make anything stand out like Camille did with her design.

Comparing fonts we can see that I used a serif font for my titles and item descriptions but for my items I used a sans serif to create boldness and also to separate menu item from menu titles. I think my fonts are stylistically appropriate in terms of separating certain categories but if this were going to be a professional menu then I think I would rather keep it to either all sans-serif or serif next time. In Camille’s design she uses mostly serif fonts besides her menu titles and I think this is a perfect way to make her design stylistically appropriate because she still has her categories organized and separated properly while using a sans-serif for her titles only and everything under that is a serif font. I think her design looks very professional.

The overall visual style of my menu design is lacking a little bit especially when compared to Camille’s design, however, I do think that my design could fit with the rustic style of Paradise Creek Brewery because it is simple and to the point. Kind of how Paradise Creek Brewery is when you enter the establishment it is very simple with a subtle rustic feel, just like my design. Compared to Camille’s design I absolutely love it but I think the restaurant is not as classy as she is demonstrating in her design.

When looking at color, pattern, and texture within the designs you can notice right away when holding Camille’s design that she uses a thicker paper to give a nice texture and her section with the beige colored paper are glued on top to give that extra pop to her design. She uses beige and black to show a simple and classy design which is done very well and in terms of pattern she uses cute little swirls on the bottom of each section. Compared to my design, I used a card stock type of paper to give it a more professional look, I used black and white to be simple and classy and I didn’t really use any pattern other than the dots under the titles and the cute border around the “sides” section. For both designs I think the paper type is perfect however I think we both could have made our designs in a bigger paper size next time.

Overall I think both designs did a great job, but I will say that I think Camille definitely did a better job in every category discussed above. Camille’s strengths in her design are her demonstration of visual hierarchy and being able to keep everything into one theme. Her weakness would probably be the menu could be bigger. My design shows strengths in hierarchy and organization but I fall weak within the category of having a little more visual appealing images and there are some typos in my document.

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