Final Reflection: Zach Prybell

With my final menu design for Paradise Creek Brewery I wanted to include the atmosphere, looks, and feel of the restaurant/brew house. While listening to the small group presentations that were given in class I noticed that often people brought up the fact that it felt like a log cabin on the inside and I really wanted to make the menu match that feeling. So with that in mind I tailored my menu to fit that specifically. This is why I decided to include a picture of the woods/mountains/outdoors on the front and back cover. On the inside I wanted to give the menu and older feel like it might be found in the living room of an old ski cabin or lake house. So for that I made the background an older paper look that is a light brown/tan color with some ripples. For the text of the menu I wanted the front, back, and bulk of the text to be easily readable but still fit with the outdoors feel, so I chose a moderate typeface that had some flare to it but was still clean and readable. Over all I think that my final design incorporates both the feel of the restaurant and the specific aspects that I want wanted to bring forward.

I chose to compare my menu to Evan Taylor’s, Evan’s menu has a very different feel to it compared to mine. His is much cleaner and has more grids/lines with a more modern finish. I think both of our visual hierarchies are very clear, both being obvious to see what the name of the restaurant is, different sections, menu items and descriptions are. He does a similar idea to mine in order to establish his hierarchy by changing font and size, but I made my menu items a different color to make them easier to distinguish from the descriptions. I believe that both of out fonts are the right style for out menus, his is nice and clean all around matching the feel of his menu where some of mine is less clean and give off the more laid back feel of the outdoors. As I mentioned earlier Evan’s menu and mine are very stylistaclly different, his is very uniform and modern whereas mine is more geared in the opposite direction. I feel as if Evan’s menu is pushing for the brew house to rebrand its image, when I was in there I didn’t get a clean looking feel, it seemed very laid back and easy going feel which is more of what my menu goes for. In Evan’s design color, pattern, and texture play a huge roll in it, the color is all very coordinated and clean, the pattern is also clean cut and placed very precisely, furthermore that texture is a glossy finish that make it look very smooth. In my design they all play a large part too but in a different way, my colors are all brighter and are more made for contrast covering the entire page. I don’t have much of a pattern, compared to Evan, but all of my text is uniform and has rules that it fallows. For texture I feel that I have a lot more, the inside of my menu is supposed to have the feel of an older sheet of paper with ripples and crinkles. Evan’s menu I think is going for the compact clean look, which I defiantly does, it is very nicely held and easy to look at with the way it is printed. For mine the print style is much larger and meant to be a bit more spaced out and in clear cut sections. Overall I think that Evan did a fantastic job with his menu, it is very easy to read and I like the color combination. If I had to give a pointer or two for improvement I would fix the blue line and text on the back page so there is not overlap, cutting of the first letter of each line. Second I would try to lay out the menu so that Entrees aren’t on two separate pages, maybe move sides or salads over and have entrees start at the top of the second, inside page. With my menu I feel the strength is the matching feel of the restaurant and the nice layout that make it very simple while still getting its point across. My areas for improvement are probably the pictures, there a little blurry and I didn’t want that to happen.

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