Alphabet Design Proposal: Kira Norman

For my alphabet design I chose to look at song lyrics from a song I like called The Wolf by SIAMÉS. The song is about the fight against addiction, represented by a wolf. The song isn’t very hopeful, but it is about the struggle against going back to an addiction after “recovering.” The singer is constantly being stalked by a black wolf with violet eyes.

In the music video, it shows three different people being stalked by wolves, representing their separate addictions: smoking, drinking, and adrenaline. The end up working together to try and fight their addictions, a hopeful note being presented as the adrenaline junkie addict charges straight on to fight. This video makes me feel hopeful about what people can do when they need to fight a personal demon, and that is to join together and fight as a team. I want people to see this text and thing about their own addictions, but in a way that gives them hope for a brighter future ahead where the addiction will settle down and one day leave.

For my alphabet design, I want mine to be a mix of material-based and modular. I want to create the three-dimensional feel of a physical object but use 2D vector graphics in order to create a clean image. It also mixes with the theme of addiction presented: that addiction is linked to a physical item and a mental attachment. I want to use cigarettes to create my image, and use the large flatbed scanner in the CDSC to scan each letter, then go into illustrator, a vector-based editing software and create a shaky thin black outline to match the music video and make the image a vector so that it can be used against any background. To make sure that the anatomy of my text stays consistent, the letters will need to be a bit stiff jagged lines because of the shape of a cigarette. Nicotine ashes are allowed to stray in the pictures and be utilized as dust in the vector to ram home the addiction notion by making it look like the cigarette was used. I will be using the computer for the most part, but I plan on burning some of the cigarettes (will NOT be using them, just burning them in an ash tray) so that they can be short enough for some parts of the letters.

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