Alphabet Design Proposal: Katrina Bittner

For this assignment I found myself looking for inspiration in the strangest places. It was not until I received my monthly makeup subscription from Ipsy, that I got the inspiration to create an alphabet out of lip stick and lip glosses! I absolutely love makeup, especially lip products and figured what better than to make a glamorous and fun typeface out of some of my favorite products? I plan on using various sizes of lip glosses, all in cylindrical and similar shapes. My alphabet will be relatively straight with little to no curves, since I am creating it out of solid and hard shapes. I might try to add flare and possibly curves to my typeface in photoshop or illustrator, but I think my first challenge will be to physically create the alphabet and scan it. My favorite thing about my various lip products is that they are all unique in color and shine, but maintain a similar shape.


Image from:

My alphabet will be made up entirely from scans, and will not be sketched or created digitally. I plan on using 15 different lip tubes of various widths and lengths to create an alphabet with enough variation. I already have enough lip products at my house, so I need to bring them all to the CDSC and arrange them in various ways to create different letters. I will use the black felt provided to create more contrast, as most of my lip products are light and wouldn’t contrast well against white. I also need the fabric to help create the scan as the lip tubes are three dimensional.


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