Point, Line, Plane: Sophie Stoltman

Point, line and plane are the beginning of most art and designs. Not only are they part of design but these elements can be found all around us. For this post I decided to use my room for inspiration.

For line I photographed a picture frame. I loved the way that the frame made the line continuous and created a uniform shape. Even though the whole frame isn’t visible in the photograph you can assume that the lines connect because a specific shape is implied. In my mind each corner of the frame is a point and unified they connect the lines around the glass.

For plane I photographed lanterns that hang in my room. The line between the two of them creates depth in this photo without physically having a line connecting them. The difference in size between the lanterns helps to visualize the space that is between them. I visualize lines connecting, creating paths from the top of each lantern and the bottom of each. The shapes of the lanterns themselves can show plane as well. The 3D nature of each shows depth and texture.

In my point photograph lines are used to create a center vocal point. The negative space in the middle of the dream catcher brings you into the middle and stands out against the intricate design of lines around it. There is no volume or mass to this point, it exists only because of the masses around it. The focus of this picture is elevated by some other small points in the dream catcher that accent the center. Small beads decorate the inner design and keep the eye moving inwards.

This assignment was particularly difficult because point, line and plane incorporate with one another in almost everything we see. Trying to isolate one is a challenge and even when doing so it is easy to see examples of one another in everyday life. I think that point, line and plane are each more separate when looking at virtual examples instead of physical ones in the world around you.

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