Point, Line, Plane: Riley Cagle

The first photo is of a strand of lights streaming across the porch of my house. This photo represents line in two separate fashions. The initial look draws your eyes down the picture to follow the lights as they get smaller and closer together. The line doesn’t have a distinguished width to it either, as it is made up of multiple points in which your perception changes further down the line. The second part is the glare from the lights shining in a parallel fashion to each other. The glare makes up different lines cutting across the photo, separate from the main line of lights.

The second picture is of a wooden surface on top of another. The attention is drawn to the top, black surface as it contrasts against the red surface in the back. The sharp corners and edges also draw some attention to the individual surfaces and shapes. The idea of a plane extending into infinite space isn’t perceived from the black surface, but the red background a it continues off into the surface.

The third picture is of a door in my house includes a key lock. The picture includes a plane of a single, solid color, flat surface. The eye, however, is drawn to a single point in the picture. This emphasizes point. The color stands out in contrast to the dull background of the door. What makes this photo interesting is its position being off center, but still attracting the eye due to the only piece of the picture appearing different then the rest.

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