Texture: Whitney Demarest

Texture and pattern is super fascinating to me when discussed as translating to a digital space. No, 3d design isn’t on trend today, but using design to communicate depth has always been intriguing to me. The pictures I have chose are things from my house that I find beautiful.

With my friends, I am often referred to as the “crazy plant lady”.  I don’t always have a million plants around the house, but recently I have earned the name with the 30 succulent planters I am growing for the centerpieces I will use for my wedding in January.

This is a photo of a cactus I am growing in my house.

This particular succulent is the smallest I have, but also my favorite. The spikes are pokey, but provide an interesting texture. laid out flat, I think the would be complex, and provide its own cool pattern.

This picture is one i took of a dress in my closet.

This next picture is of a dress I own. The pattern itself isn’t that interested, but the texture of the linen fabric, and the stay navy colors that bleed into the white squares is. If you look at the pattern from far away, you miss out on the intricate textile features. Close up, the pattern provides good inspiration for my own pattern design.

This is a photo of a blanket in my house.

My favorite blanket is this mustard yellow knit one. The pattern shows interesting depth, and shadows. if you look inside each stitch, you can imagine the 3d pattern it would create if rendered digital.

This is a photo I took of my DIY yarn wall hanging.

This last picture is one of a DIY wall hanging project I made. The yarn is supper interesting because of everything that makes up a single piece of it. If you look at the white stands closely, you’ll notice that they are made up of both white, grey, and brown pieces of cotton.

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