Texture: Lloyd Proctor

When I was looking for textures to take photos of, my initial thought was to capture obvious textures, but I thought textures with contrast and pattern was more interesting in the end. The first image that displays the different fabric options related to specific points made in the reading such as, the grid of repeated lines, stripes, and woven pattern. I found that to be the most interesting element in the image because there were patterns in the fabric weather it was intentional or not by the designers that made the fabric types.  The texture is interesting in the image because the contrast between the flat, low toned fabric and the reflective granite counter gives perspective on how the two different elements might feel without them being physically in form you you.

The second image in black and white showed texture very differently in comparison to the previous image because there is less drawing your attention. There are no colors, no pattern, and limited variety. The image is black and white because I wanted to explore the relationship between objects that were different materials and had different textures, but also had the same color relationship. The texture changes even with the same material. The fabric used as a background changes based on the distance it is from the camera and and its focus. The pattern in the way that the fabric is woven has a different texture in the foreground then it does in the background. The camera has a very distinct texture, its metallic and has a solid and smooth surface. These two objects even with similar colors do not share textural characteristics.

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