Texture: Tavia Hall

I was super excited about taking pictures, and deciding which pictures to post. Texture is found everywhere, and comes in so many different forms, rather it be physical and/or visual.

The first picture is part of a collage I made last semester in Fine Arts. I caught myself taking pictures of physical objects with physical textures. I then realized that texture doesn’t only have to be in a physical form, but it can also be in a virtual form. There’s a lot going on in this collage so I’m going to try to break it down a bit. So first off, when looking at the shoes you automatically think that someone took them off and just sat them on a painting. This form of illusion is just like any old way of viewing texture. In your mind you almost imagine what the picture feels like and that can be based off things you’ve physically felt in the past. Or with the girl’s hair you can imagine that it feels soft and light just based off the paint strokes. Then with the paint at the top you could imagine the texture being like dried overlapping paint that made accidental textures.

The second picture kind of conveys the same concept when it comes to automatically knowing what something feels like without even touching it. This is a picture of some of my clothes that were in no specific order in my closet. Just by looking at the picture you can tell that there is a lot of different textures going on. This can not only be based off a previous experience with a certain material, but with the pattern. In Lupton’s book, Graphic Design: The New Basics states that there is 3 basic forms of pattern: isolated/linear elements and criss-crossing. Isolated elements would be like the clothing on the far left that has many dots coming together to make a pattern. The clothing with the yellow stripes would be considered a linear element since it incorporates just single lines. Then the plaid shirt would be considered criss-crossing because there’s quite of few lines being criss-crossed together.

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