Texture: Kim Santos

Everyday, I walk by these two things as I enter the CUB. I don’t find them too interesting in the context of what we’ll be doing for our first assignment, but I see potential for pattern within the tall grass and describing texture on the wall. When you take a look at the image of the wall in better quality, you’ll see a lot of flaws on the surface. There are multiple indents, aged stains, and tons of various discoloration. All that and they’re separated by another pattern of rows with different sizes of bricks.

As for the image of the tall grass, the leaves and stems act as linear elements that could form into some sort of grid with all of the interactions and crossovers going on within the photo. Rearranging the elements, changing its color, scaling them to different sizes, and perhaps even placing them in a more uniformed matter could create an entirely new piece/pattern.

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