Texture: Eva Guillen

Page 115 from the graphic novel What It Is by Lynda Barry.

In the book What It Is by Lynda Barry she uses the texture in the page through the images. For this particular page I can see texture used on the mermaid on the top right corner of the page. In the tail of the mermaid I can see the scales that look to be carefully placed. I feel like this is the textural harmony and contrast talked about on page 78 of the novel “Graphic Design The New Basics”. I say this because of the way that the texture is done on the mermaid, it made me think that you could feel the actual texture of it. The contrast done between part of the tail and the rest of it, makes the distinction more obvious. Then when I take a look at the clothes on the women in the lower left corner there is a similar technique used. This technique used gave this particular image a realistic feel with how it looks on the women. The texture done here is also a different way the author has taken art and made it more realistic. I feel as though the artwork was drawn out and transferred into the book. She might have chosen this method to give the book a more realistic and unique feel. It is more realistic because of the texture done and unique as it makes the novel more graphic.  This is how I found texture being used in this particular page of the graphic novel.

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